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Electronic Driving Controls


EMC 2-Function Accessory Controls

The EMC line of Two-Button Touchpads is the economic solution for persons requiring simplified access to a minimal number of vehicle functions.

EMC offers three standard, Two-Button touchpads: the ELB-TS for Turn Signals, the ELB-HD for your Horn and Dimmer functions, and the ELB-AB for auxiliary functions.

These touchpads are constructed of lightweight and durable ABS plastic and can be mounted just about anywhere, including directly to a hand control device. Each touchpad incorporates two, low-effort switches spaced 2.3 inches apart for easy access. With the addition of raised buttons, the touchpad becomes extremely tactile so that access for persons choosing elbow operation is simple.

EMC can customize these Two-Button Touchpads to function in nearly any make or model vehicle for a variety of applications.


EMC AEVIT Secondary Controls

Our most popular option allows instant access at the touch of a screen, to almost every electrical function that would be required in an adapted motor vehicle. The activation of all functions displayed below is standard equipment, including Shift and Park Brake actuators. 

EMC Econo-Series® keypad

The contoured Econo-Series® keypad (6"H x 4-1/2"W x 1"D) offers access to these fifteen vehicle functions with only eightmulti-function buttons. Each button is color-coded and represented by universal icons and lighted LEDs so that a person can take full advantage of his/her visual perception for quick, at-a-glance operation. Also, these raised tactile buttons are sufficiently spaced to prevent inadvertent activation by individuals lacking finger dexterity.